Mosca Bianca (White Fly)

Fine Art print on 230gsm textured linen paper with an unique intervention in indian ink
59 x 42 cm
100,00 € + shipping charges
Kind: Fine Art
Every copy is numbered, signed and come with a autenticity certificate. Limited edition of 50 unique exemplars
La Mosca Bianca (The White Fly) wants to be a tribute to difference.
The work represents the face of a woman seen sideways (in white) and frontally (in black) in such a way that no image processing is able to make them the same.
The two views of the face converge into each other in a delicate swirl, metaphorically representing the power of synergy.

The intervention on the prints takes up the concept creating a confluence between the printed image and the surrounding frame.

I painted this mural at a Circolo Sociale della Pace in Pratello (Bologna), a wonderful place where dozens of the most diverse people have been collaborating for years to bring a different idea of society to life.

Original print without the handmade intervention
Original artwork