L'uno nell'altro (One in the other)

Mixed media on wall
Location: Rieti, Italy
Made within the project TraMe - Traces of Memory.

A Roman amphora houses a small Sabine amphora inside, in a relationship of dependence and exchange between the two cultures, one, the first, born on the shoulders of the other, older and already solid. Immersed in lush foliage, an allegory of the still authentic natural heritage that surrounds the Rieti territory, precious for agriculture and tourism, the two amphorae, which recall the transport of food goods, rest their foundations on what seems to be the city bridge, once the main trade route, but which, like a toothed wheel, is at the same time a symbolic representation of industry, the fulcrum of the current local economy. Strong hands and arms of local workers support the history and culture of the city.
(Not for sale)