Technik and Speed

Fine quartz wall paint on composite wood panels
ca. 10 x 3 m
Location: Milano, Italy
The mural is dedicated to bobsleigh and, more specifically, to two moments in the history of this sport.
The episode of the bolt, which in 1964 earned Eugenio Monti the Pierre De Coubertin Prize, created to reward the sportsmanship of the "Flying Red", who, with no regard for his own interests, gave the British team a spare bolt, without which they would have been forced to abandon, thus allowing the British to participate and win gold.
The second episode is the introduction of the launcher for the Paralympic Monobob in 2016, which will allow athletes in this discipline to reach sustained speeds from the start of the course and achieve times comparable to those of the corresponding Olympic discipline. This will help Parabobs to spread throughout the world, giving it a permanent place among the Paralympic disciplines and avoiding the risk of it being excluded for lack of countries where it is regularly practised.