Quiete ("Tranquility") - aka La Porta del Mare ("Sea's Gate")

Two-component water dispersion resins on asphalt
61 x 37,5 m
Location: San Vito lo Capo (TP), Italy
The work was created as part of the SUA – San Vito lo Capo Urban Art Festival (artistic direction by Arch. Arianna Maggio) with the help of some locals, and students of the Art School of Trapani “Michelangelo Buonarroti” and of the Erice Hotel Technical Institute. Two huge metamorphic figures are the cornerstone of the representation and embrace each other lying on the shore. One represents the land and the other the sea. Both have their gaze turned to infinity, mindful of a journey that is kept within them, originating from the very nature of which they are composed and perfected by that which they feed with their partnership. What I wanted to represent is unity even in diversity, distinction even in union, suggesting the awareness of being part of a deeper whole that goes far beyond tangible perception. Something that cannot be embraced or rationally understand why it is only a part of what is bigger than us and that makes us bigger the same moment we come into empathic contact with others and with the world we are part of.