Il Pendolo

Mixed media on wall
Location: Rieti, Italy
Made within the project TraMe - Traces of Memory.

On the one hand, an elderly face evokes the industrial history of the city, the memories of the working-class community take shape in the distant silhouette of the first sugar factory in Italy. In the raging horse the strength of resistance and the temper of those workers who know they have contributed to the growth of the city are manifested. On the other hand, a young face looks fearlessly towards the future, with a pendulum in its ear, instills a desire for knowledge in the young man with his head bent over books, guiding him in the search for a balance between the preservation of traditions and the impatient drive towards innovation. The figures of the horse and the student see a flock of sheep parade in front of them, which, going through one scene after another, inseparably bind the past and the future, just like the work of Ale Senso, able to intertwine the historical-artistic tradition of the Rieti territory, in the figures inspired by the works of Antonino Calcagnadoro and Arduino Angelucci, in the new languages ​​of the contemporary through reflections perfectly placed in the current era.
(Not for sale)